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Watch And Pray Spiritual Surveillance


The  purpose of this project is to help people examine and strengthen their relationship with God and others. A double meaning is ascribed to watch which invites one to deeper levels of self-reflection and external observations in ways that challenge old thinking and behavioral patterns. A wise man wrote, "Education is as old as human consciousness." Since this is true this condition of being conscious; aware, of what is going on is an incalculable gift.

The premise is not only to watch but also to pray. Part of this assignment is to show how prayer can be employed to examine powerful forces which influence how we watch. what we watch, and how such forces influence how we interpret what we see and the conclusions we may reach. Based on the premise a back-and-forth flow encompassing biblical, historical and current issues is inescapable and functions to measure the human predicament throughout Watch And Pray. 

When watching through faith concerning issues in my life, and the world we live in I often find myaelf compelled to pray for deeper understanding. Certain scriptural prayers surface as I seek clarity about the manifestations which arise while I am watching. The following scriptural prayers frequently surge out of my spirit, "Show me thy ways; O LORD; teach me thy paths, Lead me in thy truth, and teach me; for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day." (Psalm 25:4-5 KJV) " Teach my thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of my enemies." ( Psalms 27:11)  

Further intent is to enhance readers understanding of what it means to watch in ways which will develop a stronger appreciation for the renewing of the mind. New vantage points will ensue in ways that will help strengthen your ability to discern both good and evil. To discern good and evil consistently, should lead us to make better choices. Better choices will create a clean heart,  A clean heart is a pure heart. It is written. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." (Matt, 5:8)

To see godly standards as expressed throughout this work will provide a better understanding of why the mind should be renewed, and of things which hinder the renewal process and exactly what the renewal process consists of. We will examine ways in which the Holy Spirit guides us to all truth, and how He may challenge us throughout the renewal process. 

This call to duty encompasses surveying how behavioral patterns, strongholds, and coping skills develop and the similarities they share. Several observation decks provide basic information of various mental processes which define the power of the mind in action, and its influential capacity. Biblical binoculars enhance principles of Gods Sovereignty, Foreknowledge, Eternal Council, Eternal Decree, Predestination, and Demonology. The scouting of scholarly quotes/views and personal experiences are thematically woven to enhance spiritual surveillance throughout this military expedition. We will shove off in a biblical direction destined to compare back then with right now. Buckle-up, this journey gradually leads us from the Sea of Galilee into the dark sea of today`s racial disparity. The intent is to compel change by expanding social consciousness relative to an ongoing battle between forces of good and evil. Lets go!  

Biblical Binoculars

Several observation decks provide basic understanding of various mental processes which define the mind in action, and its influential capacity. Biblical binoculars enhance principles of Gods Sovereignty, Foreknowledge, Eternal Council, Eternal Decree, Predestination, and Demonology

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God Challenges our Theology

More Than Growing Pains

Scripture records what happened as soon as enough distance had separated Jesus, Peter, James, and John from the eight. "And he taketh with him Peter, and James, and John and began to be sore amazed, and to be very heavy." (Mark 14:33) While examining what it means to be challenged spiritually we looked at a sequence. The sequence started with how we observe: Which defined our degree of focus or interest. Let`s prayerfully consider how Peter, and James, and John may have observed as they began to witness Jesus being sore amazed and  becoming very heavy.

There is nothing physically present for you to connect why Jesus` whole countenance has suddenly changed. Jesus is not confused; you know he is fearless and yet he seems to be somehow embracing the reality of terror. The hair on Jesus` neck is standing up like pin sharp quills. You`re struggling to keep you mouth from dropping open; frantic eyes search for understanding: then under your breath you mumble to yourself "What is it?" Next, you swiftly turn to the disciples and they too are perplexed. In your head you scream, "What the heck is going on?"

Let me put it this way, no man-eating lion has suddenly jumped out in front of Jesus. They are walking, and the Lord Jesus suddenly shifted gears. He became fully alerted and expressed extreme agitation. Then nearly simultaneously he began experiencing what pure terror feels like. You`re wondering what`s going on in the minds of Peter, James, and John. For sure, the school bell rang, and class is in session.

Sore Amazed and Becoming very heavy

The phrase, "sore amazed "  is a translation from Strong`s Greek lexicon of "Ekthambeo." Ek-thumb-bay-o means to alarm thoroughly, to terrify. So, place yourself in the shoes of Peter, James, or John. You are there. It is getting dark, and you are walking closely with the Lord Jesus moving deeper into Gethsemane and suddenly Jesus whole countenance changes. To say it is a mood swing would be a gross understatement. Something else is going on. What is it? Jesus suddenly expresses an agitated awareness and then just as quickly began experiencing what ekthambeo feels like.

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