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The Novice Dynamic Relationships Between God And His People


Xulon Title Invites Readers To Discover God, Purpose, and More

Elder Jones sheds light on the mysterious bond between Heavenly Father and child

MAITLAND, FL- With his new book, The Novice: Dynamic Relationships Between God And His People, ($15.99, paperback, 9781629528519; $7.99, e-book, 9781629528526) Elder Vander Jones shares insight relative to the "how" and "why" God communicates to humankind. The author claims that achieving these goals will help nurture and develop healthy relationships with God, ourselves, and each other. Readers will be challenged to take into consideration their personal relationship with God, and how to strengthen it-which is essential for victorious living.

" The Novice invites readers to examine the reality of the Creator`s hand upon His creation," states the author. "In the times we are living in, people need clarity to combat uncertainty. The Novice provides clarity about, and stimulates hope, in a Creator who remains on his throne. With God`s hand on the wheel of His creation, we need not fear."

For over twenty-four years, Elder Vander Jones has comprehensively researched Christian doctrine, classic and contemporary biblical commentaries, Hebrew and Greek lexicons, and human nature. He has worked in residential treatment facilities, lectured biblical studies to the university gospel choir at Youngstown State University, taught personal empowerment sessions, and works extensively helping individuals achieve therapeutic goals. Vander is a civil rights activist, and is currently ministering at the Needle`s Eye; a Christian Counseling center in Youngstown Oh. His passion for helping hurting people is only surpassed by his pursuit of God.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world`s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date. Retailers may order The Novice; Dynamic Relationships Between God And His People ​through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors. The book is available online through,, and

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The Novice Dynamic Relationships Between God and His People

A personal relationship is one that is filled with love, support and genuine admiration for one another. It is a relationship that a person desires to have, once  or numerous times, in his or her life.

The same relationship can be experienced with the Heavenly Father, complete with intimate moments shared and blessings to encourage one forward. 

Author Vander Jones seeks to uncover aspects of this mysterious bond between Father and child in his new book , The Novice, aiding readers in recognizing their spiritual gifts and discovering their purpose in God`s predetermined plan for them.

A novice  indeed, like a child on the first day of kindergarten holding on tightly to the hand or squeezing the leg of a parent, I embraced the Holy Spirit as He began leading me into all truth about various stages throughout my existence. Such embracing defines not only observing the truth of what the Holy Spirit reveals, but also humbly, and at times courageously responding to it appropriately.

Vander expounds on this journey of discovery into God`s interactions with us through our environment, in moments of silence and with the transformation of our hearts. The lives of well-known biblical characters such as Jeremiah, Saul, and Elijah are also viewed in terms of what was revealed in their personal interactions with God, along with what Vander has learned in his own relationship with God. As each of us shed our thoughts of inadequacy and embrace the feelings of purpose in God`s redemptive plan, we learn the importance of having a personal relationship with the Creator and our eternal Father God.

The Novice  can be purchased directly from the publisher: Xulon Press ,, or from Spirit of Truth Ministries