Welcome to Spirit of Truth Ministries

About Our Ministry


Elder Vander Jones is the founder of Spirit of Truth ministries. Along with his awesome wife Gina, they`ve been in ministry for over two decades. Both have hearts for hurting people, and a keen God given ability to meet people where they are. They have four wonderful adult children and five adorable grandchildren.


Our faith

Intelligent faith is free from superstition and is not a vague superficial religious profession. Intelligent faith encompasses authentic relationship between the Creator and those called by Him. Functionally, this God-given gift of faith is the channel through which the spiritual life emerges while being biblically nurtured in Holy Spirit-filled ways. It is through such grace and mercy that intelligent faith enables one to interpret scripture accurately; free from excesses and exaggerations. Whereby, the possessor is able to apply biblical standards so as to walk humble and  enlightened by such faith, despite living in a world shrouded in darkness. To God be the glory!


Our involvement

We use both the Old Testament and New Testament as the foundation for our faith and the inspiration for our daily lives. When applicable various coaching skills, tools and techniques are employed. These God-given teachings, gifts and pictorial illustrations clearly reveal good and vividly expose evil. To God alone be the glory!