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Needle Eye provides prevention,  intervention and counseling to drug addicts, alcoholics and their families. The center uses 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous enhanced with biblical comparisons.  Emaline Smith is executive director, and she credited the "Christian oriented approach" for positive changes in people`s lives.  "We pray and call on God. Its holistic prayer."

Smith also said the women's and men`s support groups remain the backbone. " We see how this helps people see and walk in a different way," she said. Elder Vander Jones leads the men`s group and Smith , the women`s.   

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For prayer, Elder Jones  can be reached at, , and on Facebook, and Twitter. For other services he can be reached at the Needle Eye. Or Here online at

Needles Eye Christian Life  Center

74 Kenmore Ave

Youngstown Ohio 44507


Donations and love offerings can be sent to Elder Jones Paypal account: